How to Wear a Dress That is too Short – Three Easy Tips

Do you have longer tunic-length tops or sweaters that you’d like to get more wear out of, and style as a dress? Depending on your height, you can get more wear out of some of those shorter dresses or tops and feel more modest, comfortable and stylish.

What do you put under a dress that is too short?

Tip 1: Lace Slip

I know what you’re thinking, like a grandma slip? Lol, no! These slips can feel modern and add dimension with a stylish look and feel. I bought these three pack from Amazon and you’d be surprised at what you can pair underneath them! They’re great under sweater dresses, tunic flannel shirts, and looser-fitting, tunic-length tops.

Tip 2: Biker Shorts

Maybe you’re on the short side or feel confident wearing the short dress, but need a solution when transitioning from sitting to standing. A biker short can give you all the confidence you need! They come in all sorts of colors so even if you want to wear a nude pair under a white dress – it can work!


How to Make a Short Dress Longer without Sewing

Tip 3: Heel Height

Sometimes if you have a taller heel it can sometimes make the dress feel shorter. I recommend taking out the heel and instead wear a lower heel or flat for a more modest feel.

Now, have fun with it! Let me know in the comments below which tips you’ve tried or what other style questions you’d like to see me tackle next. Cheers sis!




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